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उत्तर भारत का हिंदीभाषी युवा वर्ग अपने कॅरियर को लेकर जिन समस्याओं से जूझ रहा है, उसका एक बड़ा कारण है विकल्पों का अभाव। हम एक सीधी रेखा में सोचते हैं: १२वीं कक्षा में यदि गणित चुना हो तो इंजीनियर बनना है, यदि जीव-विज्ञान लिया हो तो डाक्टर, और यदि कला वर्ग से हैं तो सिविल सेवा। तमाम अन्य अपारम्परिक कॅरियर विकल्पों पर या तो हमारा ध्यान ही नहीं जाता, या जानकारी के अभाव में हम उन्हें चाह कर भी नहीं चुन पाते। अंग्रेज़ी का सीमित ज्ञान एक और अड़चन बन जाता है।

मार्गदर्शक एक छोटा सा प्रयास है इन सभी मुश्किलों से लड़ने और अपना रास्ता बनाने में आपकी मदद करने का। पर ध्यान रहे: यह सिर्फ़ मदद है, लड़ाई आपको स्वयं लड़नी है।



1. Amrita - दिसम्बर 23, 2008

i am a BA final year Student.my English is very weak.i want to be join Banking.please sir,suggest me can i join it.if not too main kon sa course kru.

2. प्रवीण - जनवरी 20, 2009

Hi Amrita,

Sorry for the late reply. You can not decide your career based on your weak points, it should rather be based on your strong points. So, either
(i) Tell me what are your strong points. What are you good at and more important, what do you like doing. Based on that we can discuss which field is good for you. Or
(ii) If you are very keen on joining banking sector, you should know what kind of person is most suited for banking profession. Then decide if you are/can be of that kind AND enjoy being that. In my opinion, a banking person should
– be good at mathematics
– be good at commerce and enjoy doing financial calculations
– be willing to talk to people and handle their problems
– have good communication skills, like listening skill, persuasion skill, mild tempered etc.
– have decent knowledge of English language (particularly for private sector banks)

As you see, English is just one of the many things required. If you think that you are good at the other things, you can try to improve your English and join banking.

My advice: Don’t decide based on thoughts like “Bankers get good money” or “My so-n-so uncle is a banker, I want to live like him” etc. Rather decide based on “Am I the kind of person suited for banking” and “Will I enjoy handling other people’s money for the rest of my life”. Good Luck!

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